Chelsea to ‘re-educate’ fans in an attempt to drive racists off their terraces

Chelsea to ‘re-educate’ fans in an attempt to drive racists off their terraces

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CHELSEA are set to ‘re-educate’ their fans in an attempt to drive racists off their terraces.
Certain supporters caught singing anti-Semitic songs will be offered the chance to learn the full impact of the ‘Y’ word on a no-holds-barred course designed to stop reoffending.
Some Chelsea supporters shamed the club by signing derogatory songs about TottenhamReuters

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Chelsea’s reputation was stained for the second time in a week on Thursday when a minority of travelling supporters at a Europa League game in Hungary were heard chanting a derogatory song about rivals Tottenham containing the ‘Y’ word.
A senior Blues source told SunSport: “What we’re finding is that some of those who sing such songs have no real concept of what ‘Y**s’ means.
“These tend to be young supporters who have learnt it from dads or uncles maybe. These younger fans think the term simply refers to Spurs supporters, that that is what they are known as, whereas the older generation know exactly what it means.
“With these fans we would consider educating them on the full impact of the word ‘Y**’ and its full ramifications — what a hurtful word it is to the Jewish community.”

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Chelsea to ‘re-educate’ fans in an attempt to drive racists off terraces


‘It doesn’t matter if it’s one racist or 100, reaction has to be the same’


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The policy would not replace bans completely for those caught singing anti-Semitic songs but would be offered as an alternative in some cases.
Chelsea are partners with the Holocaust  Educational Trust which has offices in London. Offenders could be sent there to discover the full impact of what they sing about during matches.
The club has strong links with the Jewish community. Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich is Jewish and so is a large section of the West  London club’s fanbase.
UEFA have received the report from Macedonian match referee Aleksandar Stavrev but it will not be fully reviewed for the next few days.

If Chelsea are found guilty the Uefa punishment is “a minimum of a partial stadium closure” in a Europa League match.
A second offence means a match must be played behind closed doors.
The Premier League has urged fans to stop the racism this weekend.
It comes in the light of the Chelsea incidents and a Tottenham fan chucking a banana skin at Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
It is the second racism scandal to embroil Chelsea after Raheem Sterling was allegedly abused by fansPA:Empics Sport
Raheem Sterling was allegedly racially abused by Chelsea fans at Stamford BridgeRex Features
A statement from England’s top division read: “The vast majority of fans have generated exciting and passionate atmospheres in stadiums. However, there have been incidents recently where a very small minority have behaved unacceptably.
“Support for a club should never include excessive aggression or discrimination towards the opposition.
“If anyone at a match witnesses unacceptable behaviour please report it to a steward, or submit details on the Kick It Out reporting app or website.”

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Four Chelsea fans have been temporarily banned by the club while police investigate claims they racially abused Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling a week ago.
Spanish striker Alvaro Morata had to plead with some fans to stop singing an anti-Tottenham song containing his name and the word ‘Y**s’ when he first signed in July 2017.
The Jewish Leadership Council chief executive Simon Johnson said: “The latest anti-Semitic incident is thoroughly depressing.
“We completely endorse the club’s strong statement and would support them in any robust action which they now take against the perpetrators.”
Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri believes racism is a global problem caused by ‘stupid’ people.
Chelsea’s Italian boss said: “There are some stupid people in England, France, Italy. It is the same all over the world.”

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