Cristiano Ronaldo statue has buffed crotch after being rubbed by eager female fans

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Cristiano Ronaldo statue has buffed crotch after being rubbed by eager female fans

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A CRISTIANO RONALDO statue has attracted groups of laughing women due its huge, shiny bulge.
The Juventus superstar’s larger-than-life tribute was unveiled at his Pestana CR7 hotel in Funchal, Portugal in 2014.
One tourist grabs a handful as she poses beside the Cristiano Ronaldo statueJohn Rodgers
Of course visitors want to get a photo alongside the artwork – but doing so has had unexpected consequences.
The groin area has apparently been rubbed so frequently that the bronze has been polished into a hard-to-miss shine.
Fans were quick to notice the generously-sized bulge in the shorts when the statue was opened to the public.
And now it has become a focal point for selfies, with fans seemingly eager to touch it as they pose for holiday snaps.
The groin area has apparently been rubbed so much that a lot of the finish has worn awayJohn Rodgers

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Tourist John Rodgers noticed the wear in the private parts – as well as in the hands.
He said: “I just wanted a picture of him to send to my family.
“But as soon as I put on the family WhatsApp group everyone started laughing.
“They couldn’t help notice the well-rubbed area between his legs.
A Ronaldo fan poses alongside the statue on a recent tripInstagram

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The original Cristiano Ronaldo bust was mocked worldwidePA:Press Association
“While waiting to get back on the cruise ship I then realised a stream of tourists who were keen to touch that area.
“It seemed to make them all smile, particularly a young blonde lady. She couldn’t keep her hands off.”
Ronaldo is no stranger to his statues deriding ridicule.
The one unveiled at Madeira Airport in 2017 – likened to Niall Quinn and The Head from CITV show Art Attack – was mocked worldwide and replaced with another.
And this ice sculpture also drew criticism after being shown to the public before last summer’s World Cup.

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